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Forget the Shelby GT350; if you want power, just head over to Neiman Marcus

Year after year, boutique retailer Neiman Marcus presents a unique car in its Christmas catalogue, created specifically with the brand in mind. And every year, it’s different; from a different manufacturer to a different body style. For 2015, they’ve announced that the Neiman Marcus special will use Ford’s venerable 2015 Mustang as its car of choice.


The Neiman Marcus edition gets a special livery, available only through catalogue orders and built in very small quantities. Indeed, just 100 Marcus Mustangs will be produced.

It may seem like a slight step back in car class from last year’s Maserati Ghibli, but there’s more to this ‘Stang than meets the eye.

The buyers—or perhaps, Santa Clause—will get a three-colour exterior paint scheme, running from blue to grey, bisected with a black line on its rear haunches. In addition to special paint, Ford has added a dual-hump speedster-style tonneau cover, special ground-hugging side skirts and 20-inch wheels finished in black. NM didn’t stop there; there’s also a carbon fibre rear wing, sport-tuned suspension and custom exhaust outlets for an even more purposeful look.

The image you see here is the only one released so far by NM. There are no interior shots, but we can assume all sorts of “special” additions like lightened race seats, carbon appliqués and numbered plaques noting the car’s exclusivity.

Under the hood, however, is where this particular ‘Stang is really special. Yes, the 5.0-litre V8 is still serving duty, but in this particular guise, it gets a supercharger and makes 700 horsepower. Only a six-speed manual ‘box is available.

With all that power, expect a 0-100 km/h time of just 3.5 seconds, and a top speed of 313 km/h. Starting October 31, the order books are open; those interested in acquiring one of these beasts will have to wait until March for delivery. In addition to the car, your U.S. $95,000 Marcus Mustang also comes with a weekend pass to a Ford performance driving school.

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