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Why do people buy a car?

The question may seem a little odd, but it is in actuality a good question. People who buy cars what freedom. That is the very first need that is fulfilled by automotive transportation. But why do we choose a model or automaker over another? Well, there are many reasons.

negotiating the price of a new car

“Each buyer has his or her own reasons that dictate which vehicle ultimately ends up in their driveway, but overall the factors that consumers look at are often the same. In other words, most buyers share the same needs, but prioritizing one need over another usually allows buyers to choose which model will be perfect for them,” says a sales manager at Fifth Avenue Auto Haus.

The first thing most buyers want is reliability. Everybody wants to keep their vehicle for several years and ideally without too much trouble.

Performance is also often looked at, especially with male buyers. On the other hand, about 40 % of female buyers worry about engine performance when it comes time to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle.

Fuel consumption is becoming increasingly important, and stands in third place when looking at the main concerns of buyers. Obviously, when gasoline prices are falling, buyers worry less about fuel costs, but once the liter of fuel crosses the $ 1.25 threshold, it becomes an important consideration.

The quality and comfort of the cabin are also among the most important considerations for consumers. An infotainment system that is too complex, a noisy interior, seats that aren’t comfortable… these will all make a buyer regret their decision.

Finally, exterior styling, which includes the overall design but also the color, is the element that first attracts the buyer to a specific car. If you want a red sports car, chances are not buying a beige minivan.

That said, the one main criteria for almost everyone is price.

How about you? What is the main thing you look at when buying a vehicle?

The information for this article was collected from various buying pattern studies performed over the years.


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