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The importance of a Backup Camera

Luxury cars and more and more entry-level cars are now fitted with backup cameras. In a few years, it will be mandatory that backup cameras be equipped on every new vehicle. For those who have never got to witness first-hand the technology, this may seem excessive.

Active safety systems

But those who use it regularly applaud the implementation of this technology which helps avoid accidents, makes it easier to park in tight spots, and also improves everyone’s safety. “In the United States many accidents happen on people’s property. It is estimated that 48 children are injured each week due to such circumstances. The statistics are not available in Canada, but you can believe that they are also significant. The backup camera can help to significantly reduce those statistics” says a sales representative at Vickar Nissan

The backup camera is simply a small camera usually located just above the rear license plate. It then broadcasts an image of what is happening behind the vehicle directly into the central display of the dashboard or in some cases, in the rearview mirror.

Because the camera usually uses a wide-angle lens, you can see basically everything that is happening behind your vehicle. Better yet, some cameras are also equipped with a detection system that indicates, with a light and sound effect, the presence of a vehicle behind a car or even a vehicle that is coming perpendicularly.

This (note that cameras are available for sale in specialty stores or supermarkets if your car does not come with one) obviously reduces the risk of a collision.

Another feature of the rear-view camera is that it makes parking a lot easier, and some cameras include lines, which indicate the direction, trajectory and the space used by the vehicle.

The backup camera, a feature you can’t live without!

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